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Jewellery Repair and Restoration

We pride ourselves in providing Brooks exceptional jewellery repair and restoration services. Our qualified goldsmiths are exceptional at what they do, ensuring our clients are always happy with the work provided.

Professional Jewellery Repair,


At Hicks Jewellers in Brooks, we are known for our quality jewellery and watch repair services. Our qualified goldsmiths and silversmiths are exceptional at what they do, ensuring complete satisfaction from those with the most discriminating of tastes. Repairs are typically sent out weekly for service and returned promptly upon completion.

Don’t let your antique jewellery, heirloom pieces, broken clasps, or too-small rings collect any more dust. Bring your unused and tarnished jewellery to us and we will repair, restore, and clean them so you can wear them again.

Our repair and cleaning services include:


Watch links

Watch batteries

Gold and silver jewellery

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